Exodus 1:8-2:10

God Has Big Plans
August 24, 2014

Moses is one of the most fascinating men in history. I’m sure that many of you remember, as I do, watching Cecil B. DeMille‘s movie “The Ten Commandments” when you were younger. Who can forget scenes such as Charleston Heston, playing the part of Moses, holding up his hand and parting the Red Sea or standing atop Mi. Sinai with the stone tablets of the 10 Commandments in his hands as the lightning flashes around him? More recently Disney came out with “The Prince Of Egypt”, an animated film about Moses, and a new generation became impressed with the life and character of Moses, I remember taking a group of young people to see the movie and, as it showed Moses parting the sea and the people walking across, one of the young people looked up at me and said, with wide – eyed amazement: “Now that’s something you don’t see every day!”
Indeed, Moses’ life is an interesting story, filled with things you don’t see every day, but it is much more than that. As we take a closer look at events in his life there are many lessons to be learned, not the least of which is that God has big plans for God’s people. God placed a special call on Moses’ life. God had big plans for Moses.
We need to realize that God has big plans for us as a Church, and big plans for each of us individually as His followers.
God used Moses in a great and special way. God wants to use us as a Church, and you as an individual, in a great way. It appears that Moses always had a sense of God’s call on his life, but it took him some time to determine exactly how he was to fulfill it. The lesson Moses eventually learned is that a person becomes most effective in life when he or she decides to do God’s will in God’s way.
I see 2 major themes in Moses’s life that illustrate God’s plan for Moses, and the plan God may have for you.
The first theme I see is that Moses’ entire life lead up to God’s call. As we look at the life of Moses we can see how God prepared him from the very beginning for the work God had in mind for him to do.
Our passage for today from the first and second chapters of Exodus tell us that when Moses was born, the Hebrew people were slaves in Egypt. Pharaoh, the leader of Egypt, felt threatened by the growing number of Hebrews, so he ordered that all newborn Hebrew males would be put to death. Moses’ mother couldn’t bear to turn him over to the Egyptian authorities, so she hid his birth as long as she could. Finally, in a desperate attempt to spare his life, she placed him in a basket and put him in the Nile River, hoping and praying that somehow, someway, God would protect him and guide him to safety. Well, God answered her prayer; Moses was discovered in the Nile by the Pharaoh’s daughter, who took him and raised him as her own.
God had big plans for Moses.
Even though he was born a Hebrew slave, God worked it out that Moses would be raised in the house of Pharaoh and educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians. At an early age Moses had the desire to rescue his people from the torment of their Egyptian captors. One day he witnessed a Hebrew man being mistreated by an Egyptian, so he killed the Egyptian. Moses then fled the country and lived in the land of Midian. It may have appeared that his dream to save the Hebrew people had gone up in smoke, but God was not finished with him.
God had big plans for Moses. For the next 40 years Moses tended flocks belonging to his father-in-law. It would appear to a casual observer that Moses had been forgotten by God, that he had failed and had become nothing more than a “could-have-been.” But God didn’t forget about Moses and he didn’t forget about the plight of his people. During this time, there were some important changes taking place in Moses’ personal life. This 40 years as sheep-herder was a time of character building. God was waiting for the day when he could use Moses in a great way, and that’s exactly what God did.
God had big plans for Moses. Plans to use him in a great way, just as God has big plans for us as members of Edgewood Presbyterian and plans to use us in a great way. There is a reason that we as the congregation Edgewood Presbyterian are here in this place, in this community, at this time. God wants to use us in a great way in this community and at this time. here and now. God has big plans. In the very same way, God has a big plan for you a plan to use you in a great way. God can use the events of your life as points of preparation for the plan He has for you. There is a reason you were born into the family into which you were born, there is a reason you grew up in the geographic area you in which you grew up, there is a reason you are alive in this generation. All the events of your life, both good and bad, are part of the process of preparation for the great things God has planned for you to do.
God has big plans.
Maybe you feel that your life to this point has been a total failure. Maybe you had a dream for what you could accomplish, and right now it appears that you have fallen desperately short of the mark. Maybe you have made some mistakes and have made a complete mess of everything, and it’s caused you to believe that your only choice is to give up and quit. Maybe something painful happened in your childhood or in your past, something that causes you to wonder, “Why me? Why did I have to live through this?” The truth is that God can use the events of your entire life, even your mistakes, even the things that are beyond your control, to design your life in such a way that it will bring Hm glory. Right now, today, you are being trained for God’s purpose. God is using this time to prepare you for the work He has called you to do. Remember: Even our worst experiences become part of the process of preparation. God has big plans for you, and your entire life has been leading you toward his plan for your life.
God has big plans for you and your life, ad can use each event in your life to prepare you for that plan, just as He did Moses.
God has big plans for us as a Church – and you as an individual.
God has big plans!

The second thing I believe we you discover about God’s plan as you look at the life of Moses is that God will wait until you’re ready to be used.
Have you ever noticed that there is a difference in the way professional football teams and professional baseball teams prepare their rookies? Most NFL teams will sign a hot-shot rookie, for example a quarterback to a multi-million dollar contract and expect to get their money’s worth the first season. It rarely happens. A few years ago the rookie Adrian Peterson made a great impact as a running back for the Minnesota Vikings and last year Andrew Luck did well as a quarterback, but it’s rare that a rookie becomes a star in the NFL their first season. Many people have forgotten the names and unspectacular careers of Heath Shuler, Brian Bosworth, and Ryan Leiif, all who were expected to make a huge impact in the NFL their rookie seasons but did not. These are all players who excelled in college football and were highly touted as rookies, but simply were not ready for the challenges of playing professional football. Only time will tell what impact Johnny Manzell will have in the NFL this year. Major League Baseball , on the other hand, uses a completely different strategy. It is not uncommon for a baseball team to sign a rookie to a high-priced contract, and send him to play Double A ball in a town like Birmingham or Omaha or Triple A in Durham until they are ready to play in the Major Leagues. When I lived outside of Greensboro I got to see Derek Jeter, one of the biggest stars the New York Yankees ever had, begin his career playing Single A ball for the Greensboro Bats before he moved up to the Major League club. The American League rookie of the year last year, Will Myers, played for the Triple A Durham Bulls last year until the Tampa Bay Rays organization decided that he was ready to be moved up to the Major League team in Tampa in mid season last year, and he proved that he was ready when he hit a grand slam home run his first at bat in Tampa and went on to win rookie of the year honors.
God’s method is more like the baseball model than the football. God will not ask you to do more that you are able to do. God will not use you until He has put you through a time of preparation, much as Moses went through.

God has big plans, and is preparing you, and us as a Church for great things!

God has big plans!

God will us the events in your life to prepare you for the work He has called you to do – the big plans, the great things, He is planning for you. God will us the things we experience as a Church to prepare us for the work He has called you to do .
God has big plans! Big plans for how to use you and big plans for how to use us as a Church. Moses, and so many others in the Bible and throughout history, let God prepare them for the great things He had in mind for them to be doing. Let God prepare you, and let’s let God prepare us a a Church, for the big plans, the great things, He is planning for you and for us.
God indeed has big plans! Amen.