Sermons from June 2019

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luke 8:26-39

Luke 8:26-39 “Who’s Possessed?” June 23, 2019               What a powerful story we have before us today.             A story of powerful conflicts and transformation.             A story of an amazing transformation from terror to wholeness.             Jesus takes a man possessed by demons and heals him.             A powerful story indeed.             And […]

Romans 5:1-5

Romans 5:1-5 Faith Filled Men June 16, 2019 (Father’s Day) Today is Father’s Day – a day when we honor our fathers – the men who help give us life and nurture, teach, and train us.  But – for some reason – Father’s Day is not celebrated in the same way or with the same […]

Acts 16:16-34, John 17:20-26

Acts 16:16-34 John 17:20-26 Bad News and Good News Easter 7 June 2 2019   The Lord has risen!             Alleluia! He has risen indeed!   This is the glorious truth of Easter – the glorious truth of the Christian faith — – that we serve a Lord who was crucified for our sins – […]