Sermons from August 2016

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Luke 13:10-17

Luke  13:10-17 Who’s Rules? August 21, 2016  We’ve splashed our rules all over the sanctuary walls … So many rules that we don’t have time for dancing … Our graffiti defiling the house of God. God’s graffiti is different: God writes love upon our hearts. Some night, let’s sneak into the sanctuary and paint all […]

Luke 12:49-56

Luke 12:49-56 Decide! August 14, 2016 Our Lord was a Lord who turned things upside down and inside out A man who dined with sinners A man who befriended prostitutes and tax collectors A man who was called a heretic A man who broke the Sabbath rules A man who changed water into wine. And […]

Luke 12:32-40

Luke 12:32-40 Six Important Words August 7, 2016 We hear a lot of words every day. Some words that we hear are full of meaning to us and some seem to be meaningless. Some words that we hear excite us and some bore us. Some words that we hear comfort us and some upset us. […]


Luke 12:13-21 You Don’t Always Get What You Ask For July 31, 2016             A bride to – be and a groom to- be visited a chapel to pray before their wedding. The groom to – be prayed that his bride would never change.  The bride to – be prayed   that her groom would change. […]