Sermons from October 2015

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Mark 10:35-45

Mark10:35-45 Learn To Lead October 18, 2015 All of you have probably seen ads in the newspaper or in magazines or on TV or heard them on the radio for Leadership Training seminars such as Dale Carnegie or Zig Ziglar or some other person who holds these types of workshops and seminars. When I lived […]

Mark 10:17-31

Mark 10:17-31 “Can You Handle The Truth?” October 11, 2015 Benjamin was a good man. He had been good all his life. He had been a good boy and remained that way. He was also a smart man. He showed evidence of high intelligence at an early age and his parents made sure he was […]

Mark 9:38-50

Mark 9:38-50 Working Together For God’s Glory October 4, 2015 (Communion) In the Gospel passage before us today Jesus is calling on His followers, and of course that includes us, to work together for God’s glory. Jesus says: “Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other.” You know, sometimes it takes just […]